A single brand is saving lives, you may not believe it but its true.

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NeckDoctor is a leader in ergonomic, articulating, interactive, counterbalance, adjustable & full motion mounts & stands for your workplace and home. Our products are scientifically designed, tested, engineered and manufactured with high quality, reliability & durability. Our multi-monitor arms, iPad stands, tv mounts and other various ergonomic solutions offer relief to the neck, head, back, and shoulder pain due to prolonged use of tech devices.

 Several Individuals, Parents, children’s and institutions such as offices, hotels, hospitals, professionals, media house, commercial and government establishments are our proud customers.

NeckDoctor also closely understands the challenges humans face with technology-related medical conditions in the midst of modern digital growth, therefore we will always innovate new advanced ergonomic products and save lives. 

NeckDoctor is your cost-effective medicine free, surgery free, doctor free, pure ergonomically organic form of relief to regular neck, head, back, shoulder pain at your workplace or home due to prolonged tech use. You won’t believe it until you try one of our many scientifically designed, counterbalance, full motion, articulating & perfected ergonomic products that saves you and your family.


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