No more Strain on my neck,Shoulder muscles i use my iPad & computer freely now, i feel miraculous

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Bad posture is the main reason to get musculoskeletal problems like back pain, shoulder ache and neck pain. This monitor stand rotates 360 °, which makes your monitor in portrait and Landscape.This is another method to improve your working style. This has created positive changes in work and also to people.They can also be used in home.

This iPad stands, iPad mount is a miracle ,which can also be used in our workplace. When a large number of people wants to watch the screen, stands will not be comfortable. Hence, iPads mounts can be used instead. To watch a movie together with family and friends, the iPad mounts are really helpful. You can mount them in your living room, bed room, gym and in kitchen. They are helpful during your cooking or fitness tutorial. The iPad mounts can be mounted anywhere in the wall. With the help of adjustable plates, the angle and height of the iPads can be changed.



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